We are pleased to announce open auditions for our second season. 
First Round Deadline (Video): Tue September 27th Second Round (In-Person): Sat October 1st
Available Positions:

Oboe/English Horn
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Clarinet/Eb Clarinet

French Horn
Trumpet (Principal)

Percussion (Section)

Violin (Concertmaster)
Violin (Associate Concertmaster)
Violin (Principal 2nd)
Violin (Section)
Viola (Principal)
Viola (Section)
Cello (Principal)
Cello (Section)
Contrabass (Section)


Every position at CYAS is offered as a fellowship, paired with a program stipend. 

Artist Fellowships

Stipends for college students, depending on position, range from

$350 to $550 per concert program

Principal players receive elevated stipends but are also required to coordinate some work outside of rehearsal hours.

Apprentice Fellowships

A limited number of positions are available for pre-college students. Stipends for pre-college students are

$100 per concert program

Fellowships are offered for two-year terms, and must be re-applied for at the end of the term.

Mentors and directors

A key facet of the CYAS program is our guest director and artist roster. As CYAS has no principal conductor, musicians will have more opportunities to get to know an international roster of directors. CYAS provides opportunities to interact with directors during rehearsals and at planned events outside of rehearsal.

CYAS also maintains a roster of mentor artists who are leaders in their fields. During any given rehearsal, orchestra members may find a principal player of a major symphony orchestra sharing a stand with them. This allows players further opportunities to build bridges to the professional world.