Auditions for our third season will take place in September 2023.


Oboe (Principal)
Oboe/English Horn (Section)
Bassoon (Section)
Bassoon/Contrabasoon (Section)
French Horn (Section)
Percussion (Section)

Violin (Principal 2nd)
Violin (Section)
Viola (Principal)
Viola (Section)
Cello (Associate Principal)
Cello (Section)
Contrabass (Section)

October 2nd – Round 1
Application and Video Submission Deadline

October 7th – Round 2
Live Auditions

October 14th – First Rehearsal

Every position at CYAS is offered as a fellowship, paired with a program stipend. 

Artist Fellowships

Stipends for college students, depending on position, range from

$350 to $550 per concert program

Principal players receive elevated stipends but are also required to coordinate some work outside of rehearsal hours.

Apprentice Fellowships

A limited number of positions are available for pre-college students. Stipends for pre-college students are

$100 per concert program

Fellowships are offered for three-year terms, and must be re-applied for at the end of the term.