Fellowships and Policy


Applicants for Artist Fellowships must be residents of the Southern California region (San Diego to Santa Barbara) and currently enrolled at a higher-education institution at the time of audition, and pursuing a performance degree or in private studies in their performance discipline.

Applicants are only awarded fellowships and official roster placement through auditions.


First round auditions are held by recording submission. Second round auditions are held live and are recorded for review by the directors and Artist Board.

Audition scores are based on excerpt performance, solo difficulty and performance, resume, and previous rehearsal/concert performance with CYAS.

Pre-college applicants must be enrolled in private instruction in their performance discipline, and are only eligible for Apprentice Fellowships. Applicants must be at least 13 years old at the beginning of the upcoming season to apply for Apprentice Fellowships.

Apprentice fellowships do not automatically roll over into Artist Fellowships.

Candidates not enrolled in an educational institution or pursuing music performance may still be considered for the CYAS sub list, and do not need to appear for second-round in-person auditions.

CYAS accepts applicants based on musical ability, experience, professionalism, and integrity. CYAS does not discriminate by race, gender, disability, background, or income.

Fellowship Program

Our fellowship program is designed to prepare aspiring young musicians with the technical and professional abilities required in the professional world, and connect them with the musicians, directors, and guest artists that will become their colleagues as they enter the professional world.

Fellowship winners are awarded stipends for each cycle.

Artist Fellowships: $350-550 Per Cycle

Apprentice Fellowships: $100 Per Cycle

commitment and schedule

Our current season is structured around two primary performances (one in the Fall, and one in the Spring). CYAS occasionally accepts film and concert engagements with our partners. These engagements are voluntary and offered to fellows based on roster placement.

Our concert season and general rehearsal schedule is posted in advance of auditions, with rehearsal details and roster posted shortly after auditions conclude. 

We ask each musician to consider their commitment to the entire season’s rehearsals and concerts before applying.

Missed rehearsals will result in a $50 stipend deduction per missed rehearsal for orchestral fellowships and a $25 stipend for apprentice fellowships.

Musicians are expected to prepare material and be concert-ready at the first rehearsal.


Roster placement is based on audition performance, rehearsal/concert performance, experience, and professionalism.

CYAS staffs each cycle based on roster placement (musicians placed higher up in the roster will have higher priority for seating).

Fellows that display extraordinary performance, preparation, and professionalism may be offered fellowship extensions or promotions without audition by discretion of the Artist Board.

Each missed rehearsal results in a $50 stipend decrease for Artist Fellowships, $25 for Apprentice Fellowships.

Musicians that are not available for rehearsals, display inadequate preparation, or are absent/late to rehearsals after confirming their availability may see their roster placement affected, may lose their seat for the cycle, or may lose their fellowships in significant cases.


All musicians and staff at CYAS are expected to behave with professionalism and integrity, and to treat their colleagues with respect and kindness.

Disrespectful or inconsiderate behavior for any reason can be grounds for dismissal.