Important Dates:
October 2nd – Round 1
Application and Video Submission Deadline

October 7th – Round 2
Live Auditions

October 14th – First Rehearsal

We encourage all applicants to fill out and submit the written application as soon as possible.

Auditions are held in two rounds: first round by video submission, and second round live.

Candidates advancing to the second round will be notified by Wednesday October 4th and will be given an audition time between 10 AM and 1 PM on October 7th. Live auditions will be held at UCLA.

Download Excerpts

All excerpt packets include additional excerpts. You are only required to play the standard section excerpts. Other excerpts are only required if you are auditioning for a specific position (principal position, piccolo flute, bass clarinet, Eb clarinet, English Horn, contrabassoon, etc…).


Rehearsals are typically held Saturday mornings from 9 AM to 12 PM (with a 15-minute break).

Our rehearsal venue is dependent on the performance venue, but is generally in or near the LA area, at UCLA by default.

There are 4 to 5 Saturday rehearsals depending on the program, and guest artist. Normally, concerts are scheduled for Sunday with a 1.5-hour dress rehearsal, and a 1.5 hour meal break in between (meal provided).

Our third season will host 2-3 concert programs.

Our full concert calendar will be available by September to applicants so they can check conflicts before committing to the fellowship.

Fellowship Eligibility

Applicants are accepted through audition to the CYAS official roster. Auditions are reviewed by CYAS directors and a panel from the CYAS Artist Board. Second round in-person auditions are proctored by CYAS directors and recorded for the artist board to review. Audition scores are based on excerpt performance, solo difficulty and performance, resume, and previous rehearsal/concert performance with CYAS.

Orchestral Fellowships: $350-550 Per Cycle

For Orchestral Fellowships musicians must be:

  1. A resident of the Southern California Region (from San Diego to Santa Barbara). 
  2. Enrolled at a university or conservatory (or independent study equivalent) and pursuing music as a primary focus of study at the undergraduate or graduate level. Candidates not enrolled or majoring in music may still be considered for the CYAS sub list.

Apprentice Fellowships: $100 Per Cycle

For Apprentice Fellowships musicians must be:

  1. Enrolled in a pre-college institution or independent study program.
  2. Display exceptional performance, orchestral experience, and leadership in their craft. Experience in principal positions in major youth orchestras is highly recommended.
  3. At least 13 years at the beginning of the upcoming season (exceptions can be made for exceptional young artists).

CYAS accepts applicants based on musical ability, experience, professionalism, and integrity. CYAS does not discriminate by race, gender, disability, background, or income.

Commitment, Roster, and Conduct

Our concert season and general rehearsal schedule is posted in advance of auditions, with rehearsal details and roster posted shortly after auditions conclude. 

We ask each musician to consider their commitment to the entire season’s rehearsals and concerts before applying.

Missed rehearsals will result in a $50 stipend deduction per missed rehearsal for orchestral fellowships and a $25 stipend for apprentice fellowships.

Musicians are expected to prepare material and be concert-ready at the first rehearsal.


Roster placement is based on audition performance, rehearsal/concert performance, experience, and professionalism.

CYAS staffs each cycle based on roster placement (musicians placed higher up in the roster will have higher priority for seating).

Musicians that are not available for all rehearsals, display inadequate preparation, or are absent/late to rehearsals may see their roster placement affected or may lose their seat for the cycle. Musicians that miss a cycle may be asked to re-audition for their fellowship or lose their fellowship altogether.


All musicians and staff at CYAS are expected to behave with professionalism and integrity, and to treat their colleagues with respect and kindness. Disrespectful or inconsiderate behavior for any reason can be grounds for dismissal.

Directors and Mentors

A key facet of the CYAS program is our guest director and artist roster. CYAS has no principal conductor. Musicians will have more opportunities to get to know an international roster of directors and guest mentors. CYAS provides opportunities to interact with directors during rehearsals and at planned events outside of rehearsal.

CYAS also maintains a roster of mentor artists who are leaders in their fields. During any given rehearsal, orchestra members may find a principal player of a major symphony orchestra sharing a stand with them. This allows players further opportunities to build bridges to the professional world.